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Accessing CLAP is very easy, and you can do it through the browser on your computer or device or the mobile application available in the Google Play and APP Stores.

Web Browser – Computers or any devices.

To enter the CLAP platform through your browser , follow the steps below:

1. Enter or copy the link provided by your organization into the browser of your choice (we recommend Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari), which generally has the following structure:

2. To log in to CLAP, enter your username and password by clicking on the "I am not a robot" verification and then on the Login button. Upon entering, you will find the welcome screen to CLAP.



Mobile application – Android or IOS

To enter the CLAP platform through your mobile devices, follow the steps below:

1. Enter the app stores Play Store or App Store Find Mobile Learning and select the option to install or update.

2. Once downloaded, access the application Review the instructions and select the next option at the bottom of the screen.

3. Search for your organization by entering the first 4 letters. Please select it and press the next option.

4. Enter your credentials, the same ones you use for login via the Web. Click sign in and remember to accept the terms and conditions.

5. Once you enter, you can browse the different types of content you have available. You can access communities of practice, routes, games, and courses that will be classified by active, next, completed, and suggested status.

Important: You can access notifications, search, and side menu through the lower menu. 

NOTE: As you navigate the mobile app and complete lessons and other content, we recommend updating your progress and content.

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