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A learning path is a set of courses with related or complementary themes that aim at a common learning objective.

They are designed and built using a combination of virtual, external, or synchronous courses.

To complete a learning path, you must complete all courses associated with the path and take the evaluation if one is assigned to it.

Learning paths can be accessed from the My content section.

Once you enter the Learning paths section, you will find four tabs that aggregate the content as follow:

  • Active: For current learning paths to be completed, it must be verified if it has a start and closing date in the upper right part of the learning paths card.
  • Coming soon: For learning paths scheduled to start on a date after the current date.
  • Complete: For completed learning paths, whether or not they are approved or have already expired.
  • Suggested: For learning paths you were invited to do and that you can enroll in if they interest you.





Upon entering a learning path, you will find:


  • Surveys: If active, it supports collecting user data or opinions, including satisfaction levels with the learning process. A survey could  be required to download the certificate.
  • Certificate and digital badges: These can be generated once all the learning path courses are completed and the course evaluation has been completed if one is assigned to it.
  • Evaluation: If the learning path has an associated evaluation, it will be enabled when you complete the required progress of the course.
  • Evaluation Status: This shows the attempts and score earned from the evaluation.
  • Progress: Indicates how many courses you have completed in the path.
  • Complementary or extra content: These are optional lessons with additional content that support the learning process but are not required to complete the course (in development).

To access the learning path courses, select the path and course you wish to navigate.


Important: when a course has a synchronous or face-to-face course associated with it, this could be accessed through the Synchronous Courses section when the platform administrator schedules the sessions and enables the course.

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